About us

Over a quarter of a century on the market of the manufacturing of components for airliners as they are today for example: the latest models of Boeing and Airbus, we have gradually gained the qualification and certification for surface finishing of composite aerospace products and parts for assembly.

We are constantly increasing production capabilities and capacity to simultaneously develop our knowledge in the field of surface treatment and assembly. Tradition in expertise, quality and the ability to innovate organizationally for new customer projects are pillars of a lasting partnership.

On this basis, we are driven by our vision of sustainable development of the company Autoplast:

A constantly evolving and reliable organization that is sought by the most demanding customers.


The basis of top quality finishes and plastic composite products and assembly parts for the aerospace, automotive and other transport industries, is in full compliance with strictly defined quality requirements.

Product quality is the result of an effective quality management system and most powerful production processes and quality control.

Our major end-customers - Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier and Eurocopter prescribe requirements to ensure product quality, even the process and method of the manufacture of aircraft parts to the specifications, which are binding for all suppliers.

Autoplast ensures no compromise with 100% compliance of products with the prescribed specifications of airlines

together with other contractual requirements of customers and related legal and regulatory requirements.


The basis for sustainable quality products for aerospace quality management systems are implemented and certified system according to standards EN 9100, for other fields according to ISO 9001.

Quality management systems are certified by the most internationally recognized

certification company Bureau Veritas.

Production and inspection processes

Our production and inspection processes for surface modification coating aerospace components correspond to extremely demanding requirements of NADCAP. Since 2012, a continuously maintained NADCAP certification by the organization PRI (Performance Review Institute), to the extent regulations AC7108 series. Since November 2016, our processes comply with the latest regulations for composite coating processes:

AC7108 Rev H - Nadcap Audit Criteria for Chemical Processing

AC7108/1 Rev C - Nadcap Audit Criteria for Painting & Dry Film Coatings

AC7108/4 Rev B - Nadcap Audit Criteria for Solution Analysis and Testing in Support of Chemical Processing to AC7108


PRI Nadcap Qualified Manufacturer:

Chemical Processing/ composite parts



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